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2. The Double Attack.
  2.1. The Knight Fork.
  2.2. The Queen Fork.
  2.3. The Bishop Fork.
  2.4. The Rook Fork.
  2.5. The Pawn Fork.
3. The Discovered Attack.
  3.1. Bishop Discoveries.
  3.2. Rook Discoveries.
  3.3. Knight Discoveries.
  3.4. Pawn Discoveries.
4. The Pin and the Skewer.
  4.1. Arranging a Pin.
  4.2. Exploiting a Pin.
  4.3. Other Patterns and Applications.
  4.4. The Relative Pin.
  4.5. The Skewer.
5. Removing the Guard.
  5.1. Capturing the Guard.
  5.2. Distracting the Guard (The Overworked Piece).
  5.3. Attacking the Guard.
  5.4. Blocking the Guard (Interference).
6. Mating Patterns.
  6.1. The Back Rank Mate.
  6.2. Other Classic Mating Ideas.